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Programme Z


Our program offers an opportunity to a platform; where we engage talented learners to become high performers academically and within their respective talents. We engage learners through Surveys and Dialogues; prepare and nature the Sporting talent or Creative Arts talent; while receiving continuous assessments and guiding principles from a mentor and or coach to ensure they can deliver optimal levels of performance. We establish partnership’s with institutions and skilled personnel in order to fast track transformation in our society. We need our communities to understand the important role education play in today's fast-paced life, coupled with belief in the power of the skills and discipline.

Our key customers are youth, education departments and schools.  We are involved with a program to engage youth, mostly scholars as an effort to partner with teachers and parents to maximise youth participation, but mostly to use every resource at our disposal to identify potential and to elevate it into optimal performance.  We also have community projects that we run in various areas around Pretoria, mostly in the sporting category. The programme focuses on following key areas;

· Sports,

· Creative arts

· Academic

· Life skills and

· Leadership

The programme has various phases which can be summarised as follows;

· Surveys – Information gathering tool on personal, education, geographical, leisure and social matters

· Dialogs – Personal contacts with the main aim of engaging with youth, to complement the survey information

· Multiple assessments – This phase involves various assessments method to identify youth/students with great potential, this will include a submission of a thesis (Final assignment) which will be assessed by professionals

· Graduation – Performing learners will graduate and will become tutors to new learners going through the initial phases of the programme, they will furthermore receive a personal mentor/coach

To be part of Programme Z; send your details to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it