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Tsibogang Lebone Development Initiative

Tsibogang Lebone Development Initiatives also known as TLDI is a non governmental organization that

aims to provide a platform for the youth to achieve their true potential. The company was established with

the objective to create an enabling environment for learning and improvement on quality of life. TLDI is

committed to collaborate with other institutions to add value in the development of our youth in creating a

culture of learning and discipline.

Since its inception in December 2008, Tsibogang has been involved with multiple community projects

aimed at engaging youth in sports and creating awareness on the negative impact of anti-social tendencies.

These initiatives have been a great success as more youths are involved in sports and community based


Tsibogang Lebone has a youth community of over 1000 within its structures that participate in various

sporting and other development initiatives that include mentoring, coaching, complimentary tutoring in

various school subjects, women’s soccer, boys’ soccer, athletics and archery. We believe in a

comprehensive approach as a strategy to embrace diversity and our uniqueness. Our operational area of

expertise includes; education (academic excellence), sports (talent management) and business (including

life skills) management.